Collected explorations
& musings on intimacy

Tender Observations of the Self

Hello, can you hear me? I’m glad you were able to make it. Now, settle into your seat, make sure that your body is as comfortable as it possibly can. 




[Sound of receiver being picked up]

Chapter 1 –
On Language and

Hello? Can you hear me? I’m glad that you were able to make it. I’ve been meaning to speak to you for awhile now, so why don’t you settle down in your chair. Take a moment to get as comfortable as you possibly can.

Feel your weight press fully against the chair, arms rested by your sides. Shoulders rolled back, relaxed. And I want you to be as fully present in this very moment.

So this is how it usually goes. I would sit across from you, lean in, and we would start a conversation. So how have you been?

Well, lately I’ve been thinking about how so much of our conversations and interactions are dictated by the words that we choose to frame our thoughts.

And I don’t know how accurately our inner worlds are being expressed or understood by others. Maybe it’s because our language is only so limited which hinders us from fully expressing what we’re truly experiencing within ourselves.

When we communicate with our bodies however, with gestures, our posture, facial expressions. It’s involuntary, unfiltered, a true reflection of our subconscious, I suppose.

Chapter 2 –
The Language
of  Our Bodies

So let’s say our conversation continues.

Observe your posture, the way you sit, where you place your hands at rest, how you angle your legs.

Now put your hands against your own skin. Feel the warmth that you naturally exude.

Now close your eyes, take a moment to listen to your breathing.

What is your body telling you? Are you comfortable, restless, anxious? The language of our bodies are so intuitive, an intuitive, unfiltered by-product of our current state of mind. So from time to time, turn your attentiveness inward to have a glimpse into your subconscious mind. By listening to your body, to better understand how you truly are before taking the next steps forward.

Now, bring your hands in front of you, turn them ever so slightly at different angles.

Observe how the light paints the outlines of its form. How every minute movement conveys such different sentiments.

Now, look across from you, at your shadow against the wall. Notice the outline of your figure. From your head, shoulders, torso and hands.

Stretch out your body at different angles, observe the movements that is unique to you.

This is how you physically exist.

Chapter 3 –
How do You see me?
How do you see you?

So I wonder, how do I sound like speaking to you like this?

How do I look like without a body?

Do I look like someone you already know? Or are you piecing together my appearance as I speak to you. 

Do you envision me as a voice, with a face? Eyes to look at you, eyebrows to show you my expressions, a nose that crinkles every time I say certain words, a mouth to speak to you and ears to listen.


Either way, I’m glad that we could have this time together. Thanks for listening in, I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a voice message if you’d like. Take care and speak soon.

[Sound of receiver being placed down]

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