Collected explorations
& musings on intimacy

Notes on Quietness
2021 Interactive Installation Lamp, Table, Cushions, Paper, Wood, Headphones Dimensions Variable
Notes on Quietness is a text-based, participatory piece that explores the use of text and language in forming visual cues to activate the participant’s imaginary spaces in engaging them through the use of loosely instructional writing. It offers a perspective through an intimate, inward and tender lens in re-connecting with our internal thoughts, domestic lives and immediate communities.

In the context of heightened restrictions being integrated to our interactions with the physical and social world, this work brings to light the endless possibilities and experiences that can be accessed by simply a change of perception or piqued curiosity. By utilising the resources within our immediate surroundings and tapping into the intangible spaces that exist within us — of memories, perception, thought and ideas — we are able to gain new insights to how we view the everyday.

Digital counterpart of the work can be viewed here.

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