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I’m Listening...
(an echo)

Interactive Sound Piece
27 responses
I’m Listening... (an echo) is an interactive sound piece that emulates the act of confiding and listening through a text and sound based dialogue. Participants are invited to send in their introspections and late night thoughts, to which the artist will respond with a simple, personalised melody. This work facilitates thoughts, feelings and concerns that are collectively being experienced by a range of participants and explores the use of sound as language in communicating acknowledgement, comfort and assurance.

The Artist’s sound response is likened to an ‘echo’ informed by the act of deep listening, matching the energy of the participant’s text as an attempt to acknowledge, comfort and assure the them. Similar to this exchange, an echo only exists if one first chooses to verbalise their thoughts, it bounces back based on the nature of the environment (the listener) it was released in.

This work was live from 1 June to 15 August 2020 via, Encounters virtual group exhibition.

Submitted responses – click on ‘play’ to listen

All the relationships that died without a proper burial.

I want to find true love but don’t think I ever will; unconditional love that I give and receive back with a person I adore, admire and truly worship.

A girl, running on my mind all day and night.

depths of despair and worthlessness

1/2 years ago, I was so stressed that I couldn’t make money off my art. I felt that I wasn’t good enough. So I took a long break from art.

Right now, I think I’m happy with my decision to take a break. I have new perspective in art and life. Do what you love, everyone’s journey is different.

It may be egotistical to say this but I am really proud of myself for letting my mind go wild and free and not care about what others think about my art.

It’s mine and a reflection of me. Everyone’s art is different because we all have different reflections. The beauty of life is in our diversity, no?

how the stars have aligned and reveal the achilles heel of the systems planted by humans

I wish I knew whether all of this is worth anything

I love being up at night because that's when the world's asleep and I can

finally be alone. But underlying that calmness is always another anxiety

that I have to sleep or I'll be sleepy the next day - that constant internal push-and-pull has been how I've been spending my nights, and nothing can quite compare to it.

The days are blending, I hope my mind is mending.

What’s waiting out there for me?

feeling incomplete

what is happening to the world?

Hearing the ambulance siren outside my window at 11:14pm and yet still typing away on the keyboard for a presentation at work tomorrow. relentless and restless

this means what
my heart beats

a dissonance from life and everything that is real

i wish i could see the future in all of its certainty instead of lying here, thinking of what ifs and could haves

Random but overwhelming moments of loneliness

I worry that even if I go to sleep, tomorrow will still be the same.

I just want someone to stroke my hair while I lie on their knee, pull it when necessary.

Wild Child the movie said if you sit on your hand till it turns numb and hold your own hand it’s like holding someone else’s. Of course in betweeners says that tactic is good for self pleasure. But either way I’m tired of feeling like I’m stroking my own hair with a numb hand.

General uncertainty with what I’m doing with my life (career-wise, feelings-wise, life goals)

lack of human touch and worry of reuniting with others

Past memories or possible memories

the cat scratching at the door because it wants to go out to pee

I need help

the small crab's friend - the mochi.

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