Collected explorations
& musings on intimacy

I Begin to Write

Interactive Installation
Handbound Book, Lamp, Table, Chair
Dimensions Variable
‘I Begin to Write’ is an interactive installation work that acts as a collective point of reflection. Amidst the act of passive looking within a gallery space, visitors continuously absorb the thoughts presented before them. This installation serves to flip that traditional dynamic by opening up a space that instead, highlights the visitors’ own thoughts.

Participants are prompted to engage through writing and to respond to the writings of others — to pause, reflect and connect. It acts as a site-specific time capsule, depicting the community of thought of the visitors of the designated gallery space during the duration of its showcasing. It also documents each individual’s state of mind at a point in their life during their visit as well as a quiet mark of existence, that they have passed through.

This edition of the book was made possible by the visitors of the Wilson Road Upper and Ground Floor Galleries in South London, during the period of 31 Jan - 7 Feb 2019.

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